Interesting Facts About the Mi 9


The Xiaomi Mi 9 is a new flagship Android smartphone from Xiaomi Inc. It has been launched in mid-2019. Read this article if you would like to know how to buy Mi 9 online.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 features a dual camera setup with a 12.2 Mega- pixel camera on the front and a secondary, 8.0 Mega- pixel shooter on the rear. This is designed to compliment the larger, 16 MP camera on the back of the handset. A unique fingerprint sensor is also present on the Mi 9, which enables the device to synchronize its user’s facial recognition data with the smartphone. This feature lets users easily recognize their own facial features when they draw their smartphone near to them. Mi 9

The Mi 9 boasts a unique hybrid technology that is different from any other smartphone. This is known as the amoled display. This amoled display or the dual screen arrangement on the Mi 9 works by using the same amount of power as the main camera. The Mi 9 uses the same amount of power as the main camera and the data from this can be synched with the main camera too. So users can enjoy better performance from both the devices because both the phones are using the same amount of power.

Another unique feature of the Mi 9 is the presence of a triple camera system on the handset. The main camera and the secondary cameras can be accessed through a tap on the home key. The Mi 9 also comes with a heart rate monitor and an accurate reading of the compass. This facilitates fitness activities such as exercising and running. The Mi 9 runs on the Exynon processor and it features 2 GB RAM.

If you wish to buy a smartphone camera with a large screen then the Mi 9 offers the best option for you. This device has got an excellent camera which offers high clarity photographs and videos. It has got a 16 MP rear camera that serves a good purpose in recording video clips. The front facing camera is not as powerful as that found in the iPhone and it does not have optical zoom. However, it does come with software such as image effects and manual focus.

In addition to all these features, the Mi 9 also offers connectivity options like USB-C port, Bluetooth, GPS and a micro SD card. The connectivity options are convenient because users do not have to use a sim card anymore and they can continue using the built-in data network as well. Also the wifi capability supports the wifi-only model of the Mi 9 as well as the international GSM networks.


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